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Steam boiler inspection and preparation work before l

Time:2018-04-14 | Times:4092 |
1 check the boiler owner Kong Gai and hands are installed in the hands of Kong Gai. The flange sealing screw is tightened, etc., at the same time should be checked at the flange of the device and other temporary partition of the temporary plug is all removed.
2 furnace and flue ash and debris should be cleared. The air duct and the flue gate, the gate must be complete and tight, the switch is flexible, the opening and closing degree is accurate. After the inspection is completed, the main flue baffle plate of the coal economizer is closed, and the side flue baffle plate is opened, and the valve of the economizer recycle pipe can be opened when there is no side flue.
3 outside the boiler furnace wall should be intact tight, door, door, door and see the ash check door device is complete, tight closure.
4 all kinds of pipe on the valve hand wheel should be intact, flexible switch, adequate packing seal. After the inspection, open the steam pipe on the various traps and water supply pipe valve.
5 check the combustion device is intact, the mechanical transmission, coal handling system, the ballast system to normal, the speed of the box spring safety should be appropriate, good lubrication. The coal gate is flexible, and the coal gate ruler is correct. Eagle Iron neat, intact, slag plate intact, flexible action.
6 check the auxiliary equipment (draught fan, blower, water pump, etc.) coupling is firmly connected, the triangle belt should be appropriate, the lubricating oil should be good enough, cooling water flow. After passing the inspection, the safety protective cover is installed, and the test run is carried out respectively. Dust removal device should be closed tightly, no air leakage.
7 check the boiler to meet the operating requirements, you can start the water. When entering the water, the air valve on the boiler drum should be opened; the water should be slow, the water temperature should not exceed 90 degrees Celsius, the water temperature should be below the temperature of 50 degrees celsius. During the intake, should be checked into the hole, hand hole and the parts of the valve, the flange is leaking phenomenon, otherwise, should stop water treatment. When water enters the lowest water level of the water gauge, the seal stops. At this point, the water level in the water gauge should remain unchanged. Otherwise, we should find out the reason and try to eliminate it.